Detox Massage Program Treatment

Detox massage designed to help rid the body of toxins and promote an overall physical and mental wellbeing. Focused on the body ‘s muscles, ymphatic system, and mental stimulation. Dairy life bring toxins from all angles-artificial additives pesticide, junk food, and other environmental.

Sweating in an integral part of detoxification program. The heat in the far-infrared sauna is aplicated from the weve lengths of the sun. The heat from far-infrared is absorbed by the body at the many benefits are detoxification of toxings such as bacterias and mentals, weight loss, reduce stress and fatigue, healthy skin, blodd circulation, pain relief and boosting the im mune system.

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Lymphatic Drainage is focusing on the lymphatic circulation system and helping the immune system to work more effecciently A gentle massage that drains along with the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels. It stimulates the excretion of waste, making the immune system work more efficiently. By using oil that has the ability to drive toxins to excrete in the lymphatic vessels and drive out of the body through sweat and urine.

Special oil for limp massage, mixed with Ginger , Bergamot, and Geranium. It has a gentle aroma to help relieve stress and fatique, resolve depression, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and relax. Especially, geranium, ginger it helps to detoxify well and also helps to balance the body. Refres hing the body, relaxing and sleeping well and also gives the edge the ability to restore the body.

The main function of detox body therapy

The lymphatic drainge massage is widely accepted throughout Europe and is treatment that is recommended for hospitals to be used for health care, lymphatic drainage massage.

Why should you choose Detox Massage therapy at Chi Wa Siam Day Spa?

Chi Wa Siam has an imported detox program treatment with ‘ Fra-Infrared Saunna’ which can use the induction of waves. Allowing the deep tissue to release waste into the lymphatic fluid to eliminate

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