Energy Booster Massage Therapy

Energy booster therapy suitable for people with fatigue from work. Not getting enough rest or the body has just passed and illness. Helps to refesh the body quickly it doesn’t take very long time. Contains vitamins that can refresh the body and mind with energy reduce tiredness in a short time.

Who is an Energy. Booster suitable for?

Synptoms after. doing Energy. Booster

Contraindications to making Energy. Booster

Why choose Energy Booster Therapy at Chi Wa Siam Day Spa?

Look better – we specialize in energy treatments that utilize organic ingradients, we believe the path to inner and outer beauty lies with natural products and not harsh chemicals, which often have the opposite effect to that which is desired.

Feel better – totally relaxing massage because after of your body treatments have been completed, we provide with a neck, head, shoulder and scalp massage that will send you on yourway in state of complete relaxation.

Live better -we consider the effects that various treatments will have on the whole of your body making any recommendations, ensuring outstanding results every time and we understanding everyone as a unique.