Facial Treatments

Facials Focused on Skin Type

70 Mins

  • Sensitive skin care Therapy
  • Combination skin care Therapy
  • Dry skin care Therapy
  • Oily skin care Therapy

Includes : cleansing, toning, a gengle facial scrub, mask and massage to remove dead skin cells and give you healthier and brighter skin.


Lifting Faclal Therapy

80 Mins

Start by cleansing your skin to ensure any impurities are cleaned away. A tin layer of gel is applied which help the machine to guide a smoothly across your skin to ensure the electro stimulation waves pulse though the skin. Working on the lymphatic system, you will be able to see that the wrinkle are much less and smoother skin after this stage.

Includes : cleansing, toning, gentle scrub,mask, back, shoulder, head, face massage, working on lymphatic drainage, face muscles reduce wrinkles and skin tighting


Man’s Facial Detoxitying Facial Therapy

90 Mins

A healthy and effective treatment designed to cleanse. nourish revive while deeply drawing out impurities. With deep cleansing solution and refined natural scrub, it’s a time out for reflection and spiritual balance. A moisturizing blend of lush tropical scent from a collagen gel helps regenerate and strengthen cellular function, this facial cleanses , exfoliates, hydrates and hydrates while a facial massage relaxes facial features and energizes the skin, anatural healing remedy from inside and out. Great to all skin types.

Includes : deep cleansing, toning, gengle scrub, mask, back, shoulder, face and head massage


After Sun Facial Therapy

80 Mins

A treatment designed to soothe a sunburned face, restore freshness, correct uneven skin tone, comfort, calm redness and prolong the tan. The treatment uses Prevonia skin care products to healing and revitalize, rehydrate and boost facial skin recovery.

Includes : cleansing, toning, a gentle scrub, mask, and massage make better skin


Chi Wa Slam Royal Ultimate Facial Therapy

90 Mins

A unique anti- aging treatment designed to re-hydrate, re-mineralize, and rebalance the skin. Pure collagen massage, with high absorbing level will deeply penetrate your skin while helping oxygenate, nourish and moisturize dry to aging skin. Banishing the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness with pure collagen mask. The ultimate facial also restore elasticity, tone and |ustre the skin. Ideal for mature to ageing skin.

Includes : cleansing, toning, a glentle scrub, back, shoulders, head, face, eye and head scalp massage, working on face muscles to skin tightens and look younger.


Add Odd On Services

Eye Massage Therapy

25 Mins

This signature eye massage drains puffiness and fades dark circles, tired eye, fine lines improve wellbeing


Ultrasonic Eye Treatment

20 Mins

This ultrasonic treatment help to stimulate the circulation and reduces fine lines and wrinkle