Joints Target Programe Treatment

Thes technique ques target the r e range of movetment in jaints and muscles, aims to reduce pain and regain movement to stiff, sore or locked joints using diffirent techniques to target these various issues.

This techniques include, moving joooints in specific directions and at at differrent speeds applying the joints againts resistance, passive muscle movement and stretching techniques to return to a full range-of- motion and restore pain-free movement to joints and ligaments.

Are you facing these problems

How is joint massage

Depending on the sensitive of the dientrs differen’t grades (or intensities) can be used to make the treatment as pain-free as possible. In addition to joint mobilization treatments, otner modalies will be used to loosen the musculature surrounding the primarly affected jolnt. Innovat; with thai medical mzationassage is commonly used before and afier joint mobilization to gain the most beneficial resuits from the treatment.