Our Story

How We Began

How is all started: I have some experience in massage. I had been taking care of my mother in her old age who also liked massage very much and used to have masseur visit her 2 to 3 times a week. After finished her treatments, she liked to share her experience with me.

One day she suggested that i should maybe take a nassage trainning course so I cold then take care of her. That is how i fell in love with this field and felt proud to be able to help other improve their health and well being. I then started to think about opening my own spa in the future.

This idea came to reality after I moved to Hong Kong in 2010. Since then i have developed my self and the spa, sharing my experience with others along the way. This is why now at Chi Wa Siam you are now pampered from head to toe with Thai style techniques and we have become: Hong Kong’s best Boutique spa.

Chi Wa Siam was opened its doors on 29 October 2012 with the target of offering first class heal th and beauty. That is why today we can helps our customers:

What Make Us Unique

We offer a full range of spa treatments with a combination of Thai traditional and western style. Our body treatments that specialize in Thai herbal medicine. Our body treatmenr leave you refreshed as well as improving the function and wellbeing of your body

Our herbs and hot compresses are sourced from Thailand from suppliers that specialize in Thai herbal medicine.

Our facial products also use all natural ingredients. For skin care, we have only selected the very best.

Natural Inspiration

Our spa treatments utilize a fusion of traditional thai herbs and other natural ingredients. The massage oils , aromatherapy oil, medical oil, essential oils are derived from time-proven oriental healing remedies which enhance the body,mind and spirit. Our herb and hot compress are supplied by local that specialize in herbal medicine in Thailand.