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  Free! body back scrub 


          Indulge in the serenity of our Wonderful Day “Promotion” an April special at Chi Wa Siam Day Spa. Elevate your wellness journey with a complimentary body back scrub, enhancing both physicals and soulful comfort For only $1500 immerse yourself in a 2 – hour experience beginning with a meticulous warm back scrub followed by a coconut oil therapy body massage to awaken your skin and alleviate muscle tension. Then, let our aromatherapy facial guide you into deeper relaxation, soothing facial stress and restoring your skin’s natural radiance.

          The climax of your experience includes an additional one – hour massage and back scrub designed to dispel fatigue and rejuvenate vitarity.
Choose from our body scrub option: the gentle exfoliation of the Sugar Scrub, suitable for all skin types. or the deep protection of Coconut Oil, specially formulated for dry or sensitive skin.

          Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pamper yourself and embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. 

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