The rapeutic Zone Therapy

Chi Wa Siam Day Spa Body zone massage therapy provides various treatments ranging from head to toe: When you have a body treatment this is a great choice for someone needing further treatment, Whether you are a sport individual or simply suffering from chronic problems, or tired some part of the body would like to focued on the body zone. It can help you discover your preferred massage techniques in one quick session or allow you to enjoy multiple treatments.

Focused Zone Body Therapy

Lower back,Shoulder, neck, Head Massage Therapy

Buttock, Shoulder, Neck , Head Massage Therapy

Hands, Finger, Arms, Shoulder, Neck & Head Therapy

Deep tissue performed with gentle touch first then adding more pressure to the targeting area, lower back, buttocks, neck, shouder, head, upper legs, upper arms under arms, inner thigh, outer thigh, waist, hands, finger, ( 37 mins per area)

35 mins


Focused Head Zone Therapy

Indian Head Massage Therapy

Tok Sen Head Therapy

Thai Wood Head Massage Therapy

This ancient healing helps treat headaches, migraines, tired body and mind, increases energy and makes one more active blood circulation, enjoy & relaxing make you more crative for a day.

35 mins


Focused Stomach Zone Therapy

Meridian Balancing Stomach Therapy

Improve blood, retores, renew and refreshes body, mind and soul.

Breast Manual Lifting Therapy

Improves circulation, elaxes muscles, imoving the breast shape from the inner side, firming & lifting

Ear Candle Spa Therapy

Safe relaxing & enjoying which gentle movement and pressure, effectively excess earwax and debris

35 mins


Manual Face Lifting Therapy

Manual Face LIfting Therapy

Natural face lifting is a manual anti-aging cure for the face, starting from the neck, chin, jaw, face forehead and head, working on drainage, the skin gets lifted in a natural way, one treatment gives a fresh skin shine, a new vitality appears.

Gua Sha Face Lifting Therapy

Designed to relieve tensions in the face, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainge to banish, relaxing and enjoying and skin rejuvenating non -surgical reccommend 2-3 times per month

Herbal Compress Face Lifting Therapy

The combination of warm herbal compress, herbs version of therapy, starting from gentle movements with aromatherapy face oil with shoiulder, neck, chin, jaw, face, forehead, continuously gentle warm from starting untill finished.

35 mins


Eye Focused Zone Therapy

Eye manual massage lifting therapy

Designed to help tired eyes and relieve tensions around eyes areas, uses gentle warm lavender to reduce eye tensions then starts to work on forhead adding more pressure points to relieve tensions in head area, helps with headachs, migraines, tired mind.

25 mins